Bayyinah Tv / Ramadan – Day 2 – Surah Al Hadid Intro & Part 1

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Bayyinah Tv - Ramadan Day 2

Day 2 of the Ramadan 2013 Program brings the first of two parts of an exclusive session conducted by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan on Surah Al-Hadid, which will set the stage for the Musabbihat (3 special surahs) coming up as this month progresses.


1. We are starting with Surat Al Hadid the first surah in the Musabbihat series. Surah hadid is not in the memorization plan but it’s dars is important since it lays down the foundation, sets the right tone for other surahs and is the mother of all the musabbihat.

2. This Dars will give you motivation to memorize more Qur’an in ramadan. It has 29 verses and is the 57th Surah in the mushaf. Surat Al-Ĥadīd means “The Iron”.

3. Along with the durus/ lecture of Surat Al Hadid start memorizing Surat Al Jumu’ah. Content and Lesson wise Ustadh NAK wanted to begin with…

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EXAMS – Tips n Tricks on how to Ace ’em + Dealing With NERVES



Actually when I get time, I do intend to write something benificial and share it here; inshaAllah.

For now you may read this article I posted at a forum to help people there, who are genrally younger than me, at acing their examinations…

EXAMS – Tips n Tricks on how to Ace ’em + Dealing With NERVES

Hope you find it benificial.

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